No two clients have the same requirements, so CTG offers a wide range of services specifically tailored to each individual customer.
Design-Build General Contracting  Construction Management  Fast-Track Construction
As a Design-Builder, CTG provides a single-source delivery system for design and construction services. We select an architectural and engineering design team that is best suited for the project’s specific needs. Our management and interaction with the design team provides the Owner with maximum accountability for the total project. CTG’s comprehensive services during the preconstruction and construction phases assures the owner that their project will be completed on-time and within budget. The traditional design-bid-build approach to contracting offers our clients several contract options: lump sum price, cost plus fee basis, or cost plus fee with a guarantee maximum price. CTG’s active participation in the competitive bid market along with our extensive knowledge of industry labor and material cost, allows us to be extremely competitive as a General Contractor. Our strong subcontractor and supplier following and the relationships we have established with them, help us to provide our clients with a high-quality project for a very competitive value.   As the Construction Manager, CTG treats the separate planning, design, and construction phases as integrated tasks within the overall project schedule. These tasks are assigned to a construction team consisting of the Client, CTG's management team, and the Architect/Engineer. With the objective of servicing the interests of the Client, the team works together from project inception through to the project’s completion. CTG provides CM services as an "Agent for the Owner" or on an "At-Risk basis."   As General Contractor, Design-Builder, or Construction Manager, the Fast-Track project delivery method is an extreme process when it is absolutely necessary to build an important project in a short amount of time. The fast-track system allows construction to start before final architectural and engineering design is complete. CTG provides the necessary staff to closely manage, coordinate, and implement every detail as construction proceeds in concert with design development. CTG’s fast-track project delivery system results in significant savings of time for the client.