VA West Haven Radiology/Cardiology Wing Renovation
 West Haven, CT

VA West Haven Radiology/Cardiology Wing Renovation

BIDS Due: March 14, 2018 by 4:00pm (Wednesday)

Project Contact :  Gary Brockman

Project Description: The project includes four (4) areas that will be constructed concurrently in an orderly coordinated fashion while maintaining full uninterrupted use of the existing Procedure Room #1115, Control Room #1117, Alcove #1118, Storage #1119, and the other spaces outside the work area. The four (4) areas are identified as VA Solicitation (Rooms IC02, IC02A, 1103, 1104B, 1105, 1107, 1108, and 1109; Philips Cath Lab #2 (Rooms 1110, 1111, and 1112), Philips X-Ray #2 (Rooms 1106 and 1106A) and Siemens X-Ray #1 (Rooms 1104 and 1104A). The work generally consists of ICRA, select demolition, Unistrut, steel roof railing and ladder, cabinets, roofing, doors, finishes, specialties, radiation protection, booms, HVAC, plumbing, med gases, fire sprinklers, and electrical. Activities that cause any interruption of services, excessive vibration/noise, or present any safety/welfare concerns will be scheduled with the VA in advance and performed after hours.

File Name Date Added
Bid Form 2/19/2018
Invitation to Bid 2/19/2018
Radiology Cardiology Wing Renovation (Philips) 2/19/2018
Radiology Cardiology Wing Renovation Philips Drawings 2/20/2018
X-Ray Room 1104 Renovation (Siemens) 2/19/2018
X-Ray Room 1104 Renovation Siemens Drawings 2/20/2018
Work Area Identification Drawings 2/19/2018
Wage Determination 2/19/2018

* Construction Technology Group is an equal opportunity employer, and encourages minority participation.