Sarasota Manatee Airport Renovation
 Sarasota/Manatee, Florida

Sarasota Manatee Airport Renovation of SRQ Airport Authority Boardroom, Police Dept and Badging Area

BIDS Due: October 31, 2018 @ 3:00pm (Wednesday)

Project Contact :  Estimating

Project Description:

The Project consists of three areas to be renovated within the Airport.

The first area requires the demolition of the existing TSA Area, which will become the Airport Authority Boardroom. The interior work includes a new boardroom, conference room, and IT room, with a built-in boardroom desk and new finishes throughout the space. The exterior improvements include removal of the existing fenced area and mechanical unit. It also includes enclosing an existing undercover area and new storefront windows and doors.

The second area of Renovation is the Badging area. This area has minor demolition, provides a new door with sidelite and new finishes throughout the space.

The third area included in this Renovation is Police Department. This area will include demolition of walls and finishes. The restrooms will be demolished and converted to new locker-room restrooms. This space will include new offices, a training roll/call area, a new kitchenette, new locker rooms and additional support spaces.

The estimated Contract time will be 120 consecutive calendar days from the date of Notice-to-Proceed.

Bid Number shall be included on all Bids.

Other Information:

- There is a 5% UCP/DBE participation goal for this project. 

- Schedule of Alternates

Construction Technology Group is an equal oppportunity employer and encourages minority participation.

File Name Date Added
Bid Documents Volume 1 09/25/2018
Bid Documents Volume 2 (Technical Specifications) 09/25/2018
Bid Documents Volume 3 (Technical Specifications) 09/25/2018
Drawings (Authority Board Room) 09/25/2018
Drawings (Police Department) 09/25/2018
Minority Letter of Intent 09/25/2018
Bid Form (All Trades) 09/25/2018
Schedule of Alternates 09/25/2018
Pre-bid Meeting Minutes Q & A 10/12/2018
Addendum 1 10/12/2018
Addendum 2 10/25/2018

* Construction Technology Group is an equal opportunity employer, and encourages minority participation.