NYU Winthrop Emergency Generator
 New Hyde Park, New York

Project:        NYU Winthrop Emergency Generator

Location:     NYU Winthrop Warehouse
                   250 Fulton Avenue
                   New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Bid Date:     April 3, 2019 (Wednesday) by 2:00 PM

Submit to:    Construction Technology Group, Inc.
                    (813) 752-2959

Project Description:
The scope of work for the new back-up power system includes furnishing/providing/rigging/installing a new generator, transfer switch, conduit/conductors, wiring and devices, concrete pad, fencing, bollards, natural gas piping, hangers and certain other items; including providing construction fencing, protective barriers, core drilling, fire stopping, dust control/safety measures, mounting all new devices/equipment, permit processing, coordination of inspections, site clean-up and all other work necessary to furnish and install the complete specified back up power system in accordance with the project documents.

ALTERNATE # 1: Alternator with Upgraded Duty/Temperature Rise Characteristics – for Base Bid Package Generator Provide base bid packaged generator with an optional upgraded alternator with the next higher level of temperature rise characteristics above the base model level.

ALTERNATE #2: Packaged Generator Provide an optional make/model generator indicated in the construction documents [See Alternate Option - Electrical Generator Schedule] in the in lieu of the base bid packaged generator including costs for all shipping/rigging/placing and installation/testing/acceptance.

ALTERNATE #3: Fence Gate Include one (1) additional double swing gate on Generator Chain Link Fence in lieu of single swing gate.

File Name Date Added
Project Drawings 03/06/2019
Addendum 1 03/15/2019

* Construction Technology Group is an equal opportunity employer, and encourages minority participation.